So me and E kinda broke up last night.

Not a clean break either.

We’ve been together for so long he’s basically my best friend and to hear he didn’t want to be part of my world anymore broke my fucking heart. He wasn’t cruel or heartless about it and I know he still loves me but I have been a shit girlfriend and that’s not fair to him. 

I spent the entire night crying now I’m supposed to go on a few castings and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch the great gatsby and smoke.

If you see a tall black bitch in rag and bone red skinnies don’t talk to her or she’ll bite you.


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I hate when you wake up and it takes your brain a few minutes to catch up.

You don’t remember where you are or what time it is and then all at once everything from the night before catches up with you.

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Why is it as soon as I drink my pussy becomes ultra sensitive?

A shot is like sticking a vibrator on my clit.

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